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You are not the property of a King, a Congress, or your neighbor. You own yourself. Your life, your dreams and aspirations, belong to you. When your freedom is respected and protected, human beings do amazing things. Extraordinary flourishing becomes possible, at both the individual and societal level.

Again and again, countries that embrace freedom prosper, and those that reject it struggle. But why?

What is the essential nature and value of freedom that leads to human prospering, each and every time?

That’s where this letter comes in.

The formula for human success is simple and clear: Individual liberty protected by limited government. This creates an environment where individuals are free to pursue those things they believe, based on their own independent mind and judgment, are most likely to achieve their safety, security, and prosperity—their “Happiness” in Thomas Jefferson’s formulation in the American Declaration of Independence.

Let’s explore these essential principles together, in politics, economics, history, and our own persoinal lives.

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My interest is in the importance of freedom for human flourishing, why freedom works whenever and wherever it is tried, and why people believe what they believe.


Don Beezley is President of Proforma Partners Business Sales. A passionate advocate for freedom, he is a former state representative in Colorado House District 33. Don also served as Vice President for Development at the Cato Institute.